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General Orders, No. 15 (CSA)
On October 22, 1861 the Confederate War Department issued General Orders, No. 15 creating the Department of Northern Virginia, composed of the Valley District, the Potomac District, and the Aquia District. Continue Reading »
Romney Expedition Petition
On January 25, 1862 officers of the Army of the Northwest requested that Brigadier General William W. Loring petition the Confederate War Department to recall his forces from Romney. Continue Reading »
Special Orders, No. 45 (CSA)
On February 25, 1862 the Confederate War Department issued General Orders, No. 45 appointing Major General Kirby Smith to command the Department of East Tennessee. Continue Reading »
General Orders, No. 84 (Department of the Ohio)
On June 1, 1863, Major General Ambrose E. Burnside issued General Orders, No. 84 (Department of the Ohio) suppressing the distribution of the New York World and the publication of the Chicago Times because of their anti-war rhetoric. Continue Reading »
Enrollment Act
SEE Conscription Act»
Utah Expedition
SEE Utah War»
Buchanan's Blunder
SEE Utah War»
Mountain Meadows Massacre
On September 11, 1857, members of the Mormon militia and Paiute Indians murdered roughly 120 unarmed men, women, and children in southwestern Utah during the Utah War. Continue Reading »
Utah War
Also known as the Utah Expedition and Buchanan's Blunder, the Utah War was an armed confrontation between Mormon settlers in the Utah Territory and the armed forces of the United States government. Continue Reading »
Bennett Place, Surrender at
On April 26, 1865 Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston and Union General William T. Sherman negotiated the largest surrender of the Civil War at Bennett Place near Hillsborough, North Carolina. Continue Reading »
Lynchburg, Battle of
Fought from June 17 through June 18, 1864, the Battle of Lynchburg was the third and final engagement of the Lynchburg Campaign. Continue Reading »
Fair Oaks, Battle of
SEE Seven Pines, Battle of»
Rich Mountain Campaign
SEE Western Virginia Campaign»
Western Virginia, Operations in
SEE Western Virginia Campaign»
Early's Raid
SEE Early's Valley Campaign»
Army of the South
Formed in February 1865 and commanded by Major General Joseph E. Johnston, the Confederate Army of the South, consisted of the Army of Tennessee and all troops in Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and the Department of Southern Virginia. Continue Reading »
Bleeding Kansas
The term “Bleeding Kansas” refers to the violence and bloodshed that occurred in the Kansas Territory during the 1850s. Continue Reading »
Second Manassas Campaign
SEE Northern Virginia Campaign»
Second Bull Run Campaign
SEE Northern Virginia Campaign»
Monroe's Crossroads, Battle of
Fought on March 10, 1865, near Fayetteville, North Carolina, the Battle of Monroe's Crossroads was one of the last major cavalry conflicts of the Civil War. Continue Reading »

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