Civil War Chronology

1877 - December, 28
George Wythe McCook, of Ohio's Fighting McCooks, Dies
1869 - December, 24
Secretary of War, Edwin McMasters Stanton Dies
1865 - April, 20
President Lincoln's Casket Lies in State at the U.S. Capitol - President Lincoln's laid in state at the U.S. Capitol, where an estimated 25,000 visitors paid their last respects.
1865 - April, 19
Abraham Lincoln's Funeral - After being assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, President Abraham Lincoln's funeral was held at the White House. Read more »
1865 - April, 18
Abraham Lincoln Lies in State - Three days after dying from a bullet wound to the head inflicted by assassin John Wilkes Booth, President Lincoln laid in state at the White House for dignitaries. Read more »
1865 - April, 15
President Lincoln Dies - Abraham Lincoln died at 7:22 a.m. from wounds received when assassin John Wilkes Booth fired a bullet into the back of his head the night before. Read more »
1865 - April, 14
Lincoln Assassination - John Wilkes Booth shoots Abraham Lincoln in the head as the President watches a play at Fords Theater in Washington. Lincoln died the next morning. Read more »
1865 - April, 12
Army of Northern Virginia Surrenders - Confederate soldiers stacked their arms and relinquished their battle flags during the official surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court House, Virginia. Read more »
1865 - April, 9
Robert E. Lee Surrenders - After Federal troops surrounded the Army of Northern Virginia, Robert E. Lee surrendered his beleaguered army to Ulysses S. Grant at the home of Wilmer McLean at Appomattox Court House, Virginia.
1864 - December, 22
Union General William T. Sherman presents the city of Savannah, Georgia, to President Lincoln
1864 - September, 4
Confederate General John Hunt Morgan is Killed - Confederate General John Hunt Morgan, the leader of Morgan's Raid, is killed by Union cavalrymen during a raid on the town of Greenville, Tennessee. Read more »
1864 - September, 2
Atlanta Campaign Ends - The Atlanta Campaign ended when Confederate General John Bell Hood ordered the Army of Tennessee to evacuate Atlanta on September 1, 1864, enabling Sherman to occupy the city on the next day. Read more »
1864 - September, 1
John Bell Hood Evacuates Atlanta - The Atlanta Campaign ended when Confederate General John Bell Hood ordered the Army of Tennessee to evacuate Atlanta on September 1, 1864, enabling Sherman to occupy the city on the next day. Read more »
1864 - May, 7
Atlanta Campaign Begins - The Atlanta Campaign was an 1864 Union offensive fought in northern Georgia. The campaign began on May 7, 1864 when three Federal armies under the command of Major General William T. Sherman invaded Georgia from the vicinity of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Read more »
1864 - May, 1
Clement Vallandigham Delivers Anti-War Speech at Mount Vernon, Ohio - Peace Democrats rallied on May 1, 1863 in Mount Vernon, Ohio. At this gathering, Ohio's leading Peace Democrats, including Clement Vallandigham, urged attendees to denounce the Union war effort and to protest against Ambrose Burnside's General Order No. 38. Read more »
1864 - April, 18
Battle of Poison Spring - Confederates attacked a Union foraging party in Ouachita County, Arkansas. Many men of the 1st Kansas Colored Infantry were victims of revenge killings by Rebels from the border regions and scalpings by Native Americans in Confederate service whose homes in the Indian Territory had been raided. Read more »
1864 - February, 15
U.S. Supreme Court Issues a Decision Against Clement Vallandigham in the Case of "ex parte Vallandigham" - On February 15, 1864, the Court ruled unanimously in the case of "ex parte Vallandigham" that it had no Constitutional jurisdiction over military courts. Read more »
1863 - November, 27
John Hunt Morgan escapes from Ohio Penitentiary. Read more »
1863 - July, 26
Morgan's Surrender Read more »
1863 - July, 26
Battle of Salineville Read more »
1863 - July, 19
Battle of Buffington Island Read more »
1863 - July, 18
Morgan's Raiders blocked at Buffington Island. Read more »
1863 - July, 18
Morgan's Raiders are denied access to the Ohio River at Pomeroy, Ohio. Read more »
1863 - July, 14
Morgan's Raiders scatter across southwestern Ohio. Read more »
1863 - July, 13
Morgan's Raiders enter Ohio. Read more »
1863 - July, 12
Ohio Governor David Tod calls out the Ohio militia. Read more »
1863 - July, 8
Morgan's Raiders enter Indiana. - Brigadier-General John Hunt Morgan led about 2,500 Confederate cavalrymen across the Ohio River into southern Indiana. Read more »
1863 - July, 3
Battle of Gettysburg, Third Day
1863 - July, 1
Battle of Gettysburg, First Day
1863 - June, 29
President Lincoln Issues "Birchard Letter" - On June 29, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued a public letter to M. Birchard and eighteen other Ohio Democrats in which defended the administration's treatment of antiwar agitators. Read more »

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