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Rutherford B. Hayes

October 4, 1822 – January 17, 1893 Civil War general, U.S. Congressman, and Governor of Ohio, Rutherford Birchard Hayes served as nineteenth President of … Read more

Samuel Medary

February 25, 1801 – November 7, 1864 Samuel Medary was a prominent Ohio newspaper publisher. During the American Civil War, his newspaper, the Crisis, … Read more

Samuel Sullivan Cox

September 30, 1824 – September 10, 1889 Samuel Cox was a prominent lawyer, newspaper editor, and Peace Democrat who represented Ohio and, later, New … Read more

Tod Barracks

Constructed in 1863, Tod Barracks, located in Columbus, Ohio, served as a recruitment and discharge base for soldiers in the Ohio Volunteer Infantry. The … Read more

Wager Swayne

Born in Columbus on November 10, 1834, Swayne followed in his father's footsteps, becoming a lawyer. Noah Haynes Swayne was an Associate Justice of … Read more

William Dennison, Jr.

November 23, 1815 – June 15, 1882 William Dennison, Jr., was the twenty-fourth Governor of Ohio, serving from January 9, 1860, through January 13, … Read more

William Starke Rosecrans

September 6, 1819–March 11, 1898 William S. Rosecrans was a prominent Union general who, perhaps unfairly, is best remembered for his role during the … Read more

William Tecumseh Sherman

Celebrated in the North and reviled in the South, Ohioan William Tecumseh Sherman was a prominent Union general during … Read more