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Civil War 1863 Time Period Events

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Anti-war Protests

During the American Civil War, nearly 330,000 Ohio men served in the Union military. Numerous Ohio civilians also supported the war effort by growing … Read more

Battle of Aldie

June 17, 1863 The Battle of Aldie, which took place on June 17, 1863, was the third engagement of Robert E. Lee's Gettysburg Campaign. … Read more

Battle of Arkansas Post

January 9–11, 1863 The Battle of Arkansas Post (also known as the Battle of Fort Hindman) was fought in Arkansas County, Arkansas from January … Read more

Battle of Bean’s Station

December 14, 1863 When Tennessee seceded from the Union on June 8, 1861, the majority of the population in the eastern part of the … Read more

Battle of Big Black River Bridge

May 17, 1863 Fought on May 17, 1863, the Battle of Big Black River Bridge, also known as the Battle of Big Black, was … Read more

Battle of Boonsboro

July 8, 1863 Fought on July 8, 1863, the Battle of Boonsboro was one of several rearguard cavalry engagements in Washington County, Maryland following … Read more

Battle of Brandy Station

June 9, 1863 The Battle of Brandy Station, also known as the Battle of Fleetwood Hill, fought June 9, 1863, in Culpeper County, Virginia, … Read more

Battle of Bristoe Station

October 14, 1863 Fought on October 14, 1863, the Battle of Bristoe Station was a decisive Union victory during the Bristoe Campaign. Following the … Read more

Battle of Buckland Mills

October 19, 1863 Fought on October 19, 1863, the Battle of Buckland Mills was a decisive Confederate cavalry victory that Rebel troopers later derisively … Read more

Battle of Buffington Island

July 19, 1863 The only major American Civil War combat to occur in Ohio was the Battle of Buffington Island. Confederate cavalry leader Brigadier-General … Read more

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