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Civil War 1863 Time Period Events

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Battle of Campbell’s Station

November 16, 1863 On June 8, 1861, Tennessee became the last Southern state to secede from the Union. The decision, however, was far from … Read more

Battle of Champion Hill

May 16, 1863 The Battle of Champion Hill, also known as the Battle of Bakers Creek, was the decisive battle in the Vicksburg Campaign … Read more

Battle of Chancellorsville

April 30–May 6, 1863 Despite losing General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson to a mortal injury, the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia defeated the Army … Read more

Battle of Chattanooga

November 23–25, 1863 Fought from November 23 through November 25, 1863, the Battle of Chattanooga ended Confederate General Braxton Bragg's investment of Federal troops … Read more

Battle of Chickamauga

September 19–20, 1863 Fought from September 19 to September 20, 1863, the Battle of Chickamauga produced the highest casualty totals for any battle in … Read more

Battle of Culpeper Court House

September 13, 1863 The Battle of Culpeper Court House was a cavalry engagement fought in Culpeper County, Virginia on September 13, 1863. The cavalry … Read more

Battle of Cumberland Gap

September 7–9, 1863 The bloodless Battle of Cumberland Gap took place from September 7 through 9, 1863 at the Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian … Read more

Battle of Droop Mountain

November 6, 1863 The Battle of Droop Mountain was fought on November 6, 1863, in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. As the possibility of civil … Read more

Battle of Fort Fizzle

June 17, 1863 In 1863, due to the declining number of volunteers, the United States government instituted the Conscription Act. Under this directive, which … Read more

Battle of Fort Pemberton

March 11–18, 1863 Fought between March 11–18, 1863, the Battle of Fort Pemberton was the primary engagement of the Yazoo Pass Expedition. By late … Read more