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Civil War 1863 Time Period Events

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Battle of Missionary Ridge

November 25, 1863 Fought on November 25, 1863, the Battle of Missionary Ridge was a military engagement between Union forces commanded by Major General … Read more

Battle of Orchard Knob

November 23, 1863 Fought on November 23, 1863, the Battle of Orchard Knob was the first engagement of Major General Ulysses S. Grant’s breakout … Read more

Battle of Port Gibson

May 1, 1863 The Federal landing at Bruinsburg, Mississippi, on April 30, 1863, and the ensuing victory at the Battle of Port Gibson the … Read more

Battle of Rappahannock Station II

November 7, 1863 Fought on November 7, 1863, the Battle of Rappahannock Station II was the final and deciding engagement of the Bristoe Campaign … Read more

Battle of Raymond

May 12, 1863 The Battle of Raymond was fought south of Raymond, Mississippi on May 12, 1863, during the Vicksburg Campaign of the American … Read more

Battle of Ringgold Gap

November 27, 1863 On December 26, 1862, Major General William S. Rosecrans led the Union Army of the Cumberland out of Nashville, Tennessee with … Read more

Battle of Stones River

December 31, 1862–January 2, 1863 The Battle of Stones River, also known as the Battle of Murfreesboro, was a land engagement fought near Murfreesboro, … Read more

Battle of Upperville

June 21, 1863 The Battle of Upperville, which took place on June 21, 1863, was the fifth engagement of Robert E. Lee's Gettysburg Campaign. … Read more

Battle of Wauhatchie

October 28–29, 1863 One of the largest night battles of the American Civil War, the Battle of Wauhatchie took place on October 28–29, 1863, … Read more

Battle of Williamsport

July 6–16, 1863 Also known as the Battle of Hagerstown, and the Battle of Falling Waters, the Battle of Williamsport was fought from July … Read more