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Civil War Antebellum Time Period

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Thomas John Wood

September 25, 1823 – February 26, 1906 Thomas J. Wood was a prominent Union general who participated in nearly every major campaign in the … Read more

Thomas MacArthur Anderson

January 21, 1836–May 8, 1917 Born on January 21, 1836 near Chillicothe, Ohio, Thomas MacArthur Anderson spent his youth in Ohio. Anderson's father, William … Read more

Thomas Ward Custer

March 15, 1845 – June 25, 1876 Younger brother of General George Armstrong Custer, Thomas Ward Custer was twice awarded the Congressional Medal of … Read more

Tribe of Dan

During the American Civil War many family members fought alongside one another, and it is believed that at least fifteen members of the McCook … Read more

Utah War

1857-1858 Also known as the Utah Expedition and Buchanan's Blunder, the Utah War was an armed confrontation between Mormon settlers in the Utah Territory … Read more

Virginia Resolutions

December 24, 1798 Drafted by James Madison and adopted by the Virginia General Assembly on December 24, 1798, the Virginia Resolutions asserted that, collectively, … Read more

Wade Hampton III

March 28, 1818 – April 11, 1902 A prominent Confederate cavalry officer, Wade Hampton III also served as governor of South Carolina and as … Read more

Washington Peace Conference

1861 Proposed by Virginia and chaired by former U.S. President John Tyler, the Washington Peace Conference was an unsuccessful eleventh-hour attempt to save the … Read more

William Babcock Hazen

September 27, 1830 – January 16, 1887 A prominent Union officer, Major General William B. Hazen served in nearly all of the major campaigns … Read more

William Buel Franklin

February 27, 1823 – March 8, 1903 As commander of the 6th and 19th Army Corps, William B. Franklin served the Union in the … Read more