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Battle of Bean’s Station

December 14, 1863 When Tennessee seceded from the Union on June 8, 1861, the majority of the population in the eastern part of the … Read more

Battle of Beaver Dam Creek

June 26, 1862 Also known as the Battle of Mechanicsville, and the Battle of Ellerson's Mill, the Battle of Beaver Dam Creek was the … Read more

Battle of Bentonville

March 19 – 21, 1865 The Battle of Bentonville, fought from March 19 through March 21, 1865, near Bentonville, North Carolina, was the final … Read more

Battle of Bethesda Church

May 29–30, 1864

Battle of Big Bethel

June 10, 1861 Considered by many historians to be the first major land engagement of the American Civil War, the Battle of Big Bethel … Read more

Battle of Big Sandy River

January 10, 1862

Battle of Boonsboro

July 8, 1863 Fought on July 8, 1863, the Battle of Boonsboro was one of several rearguard cavalry engagements in Washington County, Maryland following … Read more

Battle of Boonville

June 17, 1861 Fought on June 17, 1861. the Battle of Boonville was a small, but significant engagement fought for control of central Missouri. … Read more

Battle of Boydton Plank Road

October 27-28, 1864 Fought from October 27-28, 1864, during the Petersburg Campaign, the Battle of Boydton Plank Road was a failed Union attempt to … Read more