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Civil War Eastern Theater Entries

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Quincy Adams Gillmore

February 28, 1825 – April 8, 1888 Major General Quincy A. Gillmore won military acclaim for his use of rifled artillery during the reduction … Read more

Richard Brooke Garnett

November 21, 1817 – July 3, 1863 In the American Civil War, Confederate Brigadier-General Richard B. Garnett was mortally wounded during Pickett's Charge at … Read more

Richard Kidder Meade

July 21, 1829 – March 18, 1920 A lieutenant in the Union army and later a major in the Confederate army, Richard K. Meade … Read more

Richard Stoddert Ewell

February 8, 1817 – January 25, 1872 Richard Stoddert Ewell was a prominent Confederate general during the American Civil War who has been tarnished … Read more

Richard Strother Taylor

January 27, 1826 – April 12, 1879 The son of United States President Zachary Taylor, Richard Taylor was a prominent Confederate general in the … Read more


1860-1878 During the American Civil War, Rienzi was Union General Philip Sheridan’s favorite horse. This steed’s exploits became immortalized in prose and also helped … Read more

Robert Anderson

June 14, 1805 – October 26, 1871 Commander of Fort Sumter during the engagement that started the American Civil War, Robert Anderson also served … Read more

Robert Cumming Schenck

October 4, 1809 – March 23, 1890 Robert Cumming Schenck was an eight-time United States Congressman from Ohio and a major general in the … Read more

Robert Edward Lee

January 19, 1807–October 12, 1870 Robert E. Lee was a prominent Confederate army officer who commanded the Army of Northern Virginia throughout most of … Read more

Robert Hatton

November 2, 1826 – May 31, 1862 Ohio born Robert Hatton was a United States Congressman from Tennessee and a brigadier general in the … Read more