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Edward Otho Cresap Ord

October 18, 1818 – July 22, 1883 A career United States Army officer, Edward O.C. Ord played major leadership roles in both theaters of … Read more

Edward Richard Sprigg Canby

November 9, 1817 – April 11, 1873 A career United States Army officer, Major General Edward Canby commanded the victorious Union troops during the … Read more

Edwin McMasters Stanton

December 19, 1814–December 24, 1869 Born in Steubenville, Ohio on December 19, 1814, Edwin McMasters Stanton's father and mother were David and Lucy Norman … Read more

Edwin Stanton McCook

March 26, 1837 – September 11, 1873 Edwin Stanton McCook was a member of the “Fighting McCooks,” fifteen family members who served the Union … Read more

Edwin Vose Sumner

January 30, 1797 – March 21, 1863 A prominent Union general officer, Edwin V. Sumner was the first new general to be appointed in … Read more

Elisha Bassett Langdon

Born on February 24, 1827 (sometimes incorrectly reported as February 27), Langdon spent his youth on his family's farm near Linwood, Ohio. Langdon's father, … Read more

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

November 12, 1815–October 26, 1902 Co-organizer of the 1847 Seneca Falls Convention and co-author of numerous women's rights books and pamphlets, Elizabeth Cady Stanton … Read more

Ely Samuel Parker

1828 – August 31, 1895 Ely Samuel Parker was General Ulysses S. Grant’s personal secretary for the last years of the American Civil War. … Read more

Erasmus Darwin Keyes

May 29, 1810 – October 14, 1895 A prominent Union general officer, Erasmus D. Keyes was one of the original five corps commanders of … Read more

Erastus Bernard Tyler

April 24, 1822–January 9, 1891 Brigadier General Erastus B. Tyler was a Union officer who participated in many of the major battles of the … Read more