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Order of American Knights

Numerous Northerners opposed the Civil War. Most opponents usually utilized peaceful forms of protest to object to the war and referred to themselves as … Read more

Peace Democrats

A majority of Northerners supported the Union war effort, yet a sizable and vocal minority opposed the conflict. Most of the opponents, the Copperheads, … Read more

President Lincoln’s Executive Order Prohibiting Citizens Liable for the Draft from Leaving the United States, and Suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus

August 8, 1862 On August 8, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln issued an executive order prohibiting citizens liable for the draft from leaving the United … Read more

Price-Harney Agreement (Transcript)

May 21, 1861 Concluded on May 21, 1861, the Price-Harney Agreement was an unsuccessful attempt to maintain peace in Missouri at the onset of … Read more

Relief Law

1864 Upon becoming Ohio's twenty-sixth governor on January 11, 1864, John Brough sought to aid the Union war effort. He succeeded in enacting a … Read more

Robert Cumming Schenck

October 4, 1809 – March 23, 1890 Robert Cumming Schenck was an eight-time United States Congressman from Ohio and a major general in the … Read more

Samuel Medary

February 25, 1801 – November 7, 1864 Samuel Medary was a prominent Ohio newspaper publisher. During the American Civil War, his newspaper, the Crisis, … Read more

Samuel Sullivan Cox

September 30, 1824 – September 10, 1889 Samuel Cox was a prominent lawyer, newspaper editor, and Peace Democrat who represented Ohio and, later, New … Read more

Tenure of Office Act

March 2, 1867 Following President Abraham Lincoln's death on April 15, 1865, Vice President Andrew Johnson assumed the presidency. Johnson chose to keep Edwin … Read more

Thomas Corwin

July 29, 1794 – December 18, 1865 Long-time Ohio politician Thomas Corwin sponsored the Corwin Amendment in the U.S, House of Representatives in 1861 … Read more