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General Orders, No. 84 (Department of the Ohio)

June 1, 1863

On June 1, 1863, Major General Ambrose E. Burnside issued General Orders, No. 84 (Department of the Ohio) suppressing the distribution of the <i>New York World</i> and the publication of the <i>Chicago Times</i> because of their anti-war rhetoric.

General Orders, No. 84

Hdqrs. Department of the Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio, June 1, 1863

I. The tendency of the opinions and articles habitually published in the newspaper known as the New York World being to cast reproach upon the Government, and to weaken its efforts to suppress the rebellion, by creating distrust in its war policy, its circulation in time of war is calculated to exert a pernicious and treasonable influence, and is therefore prohibited in this department.

II. Postmasters, news agents, and all others will govern themselves by this accord; as any person detected in forwarding, selling, or in any way circulating the paper referred to will be promptly arrested and held for trial.

III. On account of the repeated expression of disloyal and incendiary sentiments, the publication of the newspaper known as the Chicago Times is hereby suppressed.

IV. Brig. Gen. Jacob Ammen, commanding District of Illinois, is charged with the execution of the third paragraph of this order.

By command of Major-General Burnside

Assistant Adjutant General.

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