Events in Civil War (1861)

1861 - December, 9
Congress forms the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War
1861 - September, 3
Confederates Occupy Columbus, Kentucky. - Confederate General Leonidas Polk commits a major political blunder by occupying Columbus, in the previously neutral state of Kentucky Read more »
1861 - August, 6
Congress passes First Confiscation Act Read more »
1861 - April, 30
Forces led by Colonel Thomas J. Jackson Occupy Harper's Ferry
1861 - April, 29
Second Session of the Confederate Provisional Congress Convenes
1861 - April, 27
President Lincoln declares martial law in Maryland and suspends the writ of habeas corpus if necessary to control rebellion.
1861 - April, 23
Robert E. Lee Assumes Command of the Virginia State Forces
1861 - April, 20
Robert E. Lee Resigns from the United States Army
1861 - April, 19
6th Massachusetts is Attacked in Baltimore Maryland
1861 - April, 19
Baltimore Riot of 1861 - Confederate sympathizers clashed with members of the Massachusetts militia en route to Washington for Federal service. Four soldiers and twelve civilians were killed in the riot. Read more »
1861 - April, 19
President Lincoln Authorizes Blockading Southern Ports. - After the fall of Fort Sumter, President Lincoln authorized a naval blockade of all Southern ports, a move advocated by General Winfield Scott as part of the Anaconda Plan. Read more »
1861 - April, 18
Federal Troops Evacuate Harper's Ferry, Virginia - Federal Troops Evacuate Harper's Ferry, Virginia
1861 - April, 17
Virginia Secedes from the Union - Virginia becomes the 8th state to secede from the Union. Read more »
1861 - April, 15
President Abraham Lincoln Calls for Militia Read more »
1861 - April, 14
Union forces evacuate Fort Sumter. - After surrendering Fort Sumter on the previous day, the Union garrison boarded ships and evacuated the site. Read more »
1861 - April, 13
Fort Sumter Surrenders - Union forces surrender Fort Sumter. Read more »
1861 - April, 12
Confederate Troops Fire on Fort Sumter - Confederate troops led by Brigadier General P.G.T. Beauregard opened fire on Union forces at Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. Read more »
1861 - January, 29
Kansas admitted to the Union
1861 - January, 26
Louisiana secedes from the Union
1861 - January, 10
Florida secedes from the Union

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