Anti-War Sentiment in Ohio During the Civil War

President Lincoln's Executive Order for the "Arrest and Imprisonment of Irresponsible Newspaper Reporters and Editors"
On May 18, 1864, President Lincoln issued an executive order commanding Major General John A. Dix to arrest and imprison the editors, proprietors, and publishers of the New York World and New York Journal of Commerce newspapers for printing false stories giving comfort to the enemies of the U.S. Continue Reading »
President Lincoln's Executive Order Prohibiting Citizens Liable for the Draft from Leaving the United States, and Suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus
On August 8, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln issued an executive order prohibiting citizens liable for the draft from leaving the United States, and suspending the writ of habeas corpus for persons arrested for disloyal practices. Continue Reading »
Presidential Proclamation 94
On September 24, 1862, Abraham Lincoln issued Presidential Proclamation 94 declaring that people suspected of being disloyal to the U.S. were subject to martial law and that the writ of habeas corpus was suspended for all such persons. Continue Reading »
Vallandigham, Clement
Born on July 29, 1820, in New Lisbon, Ohio. Vallandigham spent most of his youth at home, receiving an education from his father who was a Presbyterian minister. At seventeen years of age, Vallandigham briefly attended Jefferson College in Pennsylvania, but he did not graduate. Continue Reading »

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