Politics in Ohio During the Civil War

Conscription Act
On March 3, 1863 the United States President Abraham Lincoln signed the Conscription Act (aka the Enrollment Act), which required states to implement conscription (a draft) if they were unable to provide a proscribed number of volunteers for the Union forces during the Civil War. Continue Reading »
A majority of Northerners supported the Union war effort, yet a sizable and vocal minority opposed the conflict. Most of the opponents, the Copperheads, preferred a peaceful resolution to the war, with some of these people even calling on the North simply to leave the seceded Confederate states alone. Continue Reading »
Corwin Amendment
The Corwin Amendment was a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution that was approved by Congress in 1861 in an attempt to avoid disunion and civil war. Continue Reading »
Corwin, Thomas
Long-time Ohio politician Thomas Corwin sponsored the Corwin Amendment in the U.S, House of Representatives in 1861 as an eleventh-hour attempt to avert the American Civil War. Continue Reading »
Cox, Jacob Dolson
Jacob Cox was a nineteenth century American political and military leader who served as a brigadier general in the U.S. volunteer army during the American Civil War. Continue Reading »
Cox, Samuel S.
Samuel Cox was a prominent lawyer, newspaper editor, and Peace Democrat who represented Ohio and, later, New York in Congress. Continue Reading »
Crittenden Compromise
Proposed by Kentucky Senator John J. Crittenden on December 18, 1860, the Crittenden Compromise, also known as the Crittenden Plan, was an unsuccessful eleventh-hour attempt to save the Union and to avoid the American Civil War, but the agreement was never adopted by the Senate. Continue Reading »
Dennison, Jr., William
William Dennison, Jr., was the twenty-fourth Governor of Ohio, serving from January 9, 1860 through January 13, 1862. Dennison also served as Postmaster General of the United States from 1864 to 1866. Continue Reading »
Dupree, William H.
William H. Dupree was an African-American Ohioan who served in the 55th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment during the American Civil War. Sources disagree regarding his birth date and birthplace, with some claiming that Dupree was born in 1838 in Chillicothe, in Ross County, Ohio, with other sources contending that he was born on March 13, 1839 in Petersburg, Virginia. The sources that argue that Dupree was born in Petersburg also contend that he was born a slave. Continue Reading »
Ewing,Thomas Sr.
Thomas Ewing Sr. was an influential Ohio lawyer and politician who served in the United States Senate, as United States Secretary of the Treasury, and as United States Secretary of the Interior. Continue Reading »

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