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1st Battalion Governor’s Guards

September 24, 1862–July 3, 1865

The 1st Battalion Governor’s Guards was mustered into service between September 24, and October 27, 1862, at Camp Chase, in Columbus, Ohio.

Consisting of four companies, the Governor’s Guards principally served as guards of the Confederate prisoners at Camp Chase.

The battalion did briefly serve in Kentucky, guarding Cincinnati, Ohio against an expected attack by Confederate forces led by Kirby Smith. However, Smith’s men did not approach Cincinnati, and the Governor’s Guards saw no action.

On August 3, 1863, the Governor’s Guards was incorporated into the 88th Ohio Volunteer Infantry at Camp Chase. This regiment was to serve for a period of three years. Upon the formation of the 88th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry and the addition of six additional companies to the original four that comprised the Governor’s Guards, the new regiment spent most of the duration of the war serving as guards at Camp Chase.

A portion of the regiment helped suppress anti-draft protests in Holmes County, Ohio, and a small detachment was briefly stationed in Maryland and Virginia.

In October 1863, the entire 88th Regiment served as provost guards in Cincinnati. This duty ended by December 20, 1863, after the soldiers assigned to replace the regiment at Camp Chase allowed several prisoners to escape.

The 88th Regiment returned to Camp Chase, remaining there as prison guards until mustered out of service on July 3, 1865, at the American Civil War’s conclusion.

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