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Project Team

Ohio Civil War Central is a collaboration between a group that is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of history.

Past, Present and Future, Inc.

Past, Present and Future, Inc. is a multimedia consulting firm. The principle is Harry Searles, a former classroom teacher and college instructor, who received his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in 1980. His areas of study were secondary social studies education, American history, and instructional design. Searles worked at the Ohio Historical Society for 30 years before retiring in 2007. During his tenure, Searles served as a senior manager in charge of exhibit and multimedia production and he was project director for the development of several museums and major exhibitions. He was also instrumental in the conceptualization and creation of Ohio History Central, Ohio’s online encyclopedia of Ohio history. Searles currently serves as a contract editor for the Ohio Public Library Information Network’s ExploreOhio website. Past, Present and Future is responsible for the overall direction of Ohio Civil War Central, including editorial duties and working with peer reviewers to ensure that the site has the most accurate information possible.

R.Squared Communications

R.Squared Communications is a web design and development firm located in Dublin, Ohio. This site runs on their Encyclopedia Content Management System (eCMS), which is also used by the University of Tennessee Press, the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities and the German Historical Institute. The R.Squared team is also responsible for the design of the site and for the development and implementation of the site’s marketing, advertising and social media strategies.

The company’s eCMS framework is currently used by the following online encyclopedias:

KnowLA: The Encyclopedia of Louisiana History, Culture and Community
Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture
American History Central

Dr. Michael Mangus

Dr. Michael Mangus is a senior lecturer in the Department of History at The Ohio State University. He specializes in United States history, including Ohio history, military history, social history, and political history. He has published several articles on and served as editor of multiple books on Ohio and Midwestern history. His research focuses especially upon the social and military history of the American Civil War.