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About This Project

Ohio Civil War Central presents the involvement of Ohio in the Civil War through three lenses — an Encyclopedia, an Almanac and an Atlas. Supplementing each of these sections are images, audio recordings and videos, which are also collected together into a Media Center.

In its present state, the site is not complete. But is any project that covers history ever really complete? It seems that every day we learn something new, whether is is from an ancient civilization or an obscure battle from the Western Theater of the Civil War. This is what technology has given us — new ways to discover information, new ways to bring it all together, new ways to present it. But one thing technology should not do is distort the facts, or misrepresent the truth. Because of that, we highly encourage visitors to the site to provide feedback, which will help ensure the accuracy of the information we present.

Ohio Civil War Central will add new content on a daily basis, along with news articles. Members of the OCWC team are members of the Civil War Trust, the Gettysburg Foundation and other Civil War-related organizations.

This site has been — and will continue to be — developed by a dedicated group of historians and educators who believe that is vitally important to present the Civil War in the proper context, to pay homage to the efforts of those Ohioans that fought in the war and to provide an exceptional reference for teachers, students and researchers to turn to when they are studying or learning about the Civil War.

We will continue to add content and new features to the site, so we hope that you will follow us on Twitter and on Facebook, so that you can keep up to date with things as the site grows.