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Media Center

Ohio Civil War Central is collecting resources from all over the web — images, videos, audio recordings — and presenting them with the context of Ohio’s involvement in the Civil War.


Most of the images that we have collected are from the Library of Congress and the National Archives. By adding these images to this website, we are able to provide more depth to each entry in the Encyclopedia. We will continue to add images to the site on (just about) a daily basis. Browse our collection of images »

Image Galleries

In some cases, images have been collected together into Galleries. This allows us to create “visual essays” for certain topics. Check out our image galleries »


We are pulling together a collection of videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sources that feature Civil War themes, including re-enactments. Browse our collection of videos »

Audio Files

From Civil War-era songs to interviews with historians, we are looking for audio recordings with Civil War themes. As we uncover them, they will be added to our collection of Audio Files. Start listening »