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Thomas Ewing Sr.

December 28, 1789 – October 26, 1871 Thomas Ewing Sr. was an influential Ohio lawyer and politician who served in the United States Senate, … Read more

Union Party

The American Civil War and the tensions leading to it divided the North and the South. These events also caused members of the various … Read more

Washington Peace Conference

1861 Proposed by Virginia and chaired by former U.S. President John Tyler, the Washington Peace Conference was an unsuccessful eleventh-hour attempt to save the … Read more

William Allen

December 1803–July 11, 1879 In the mid to late nineteenth century, one of the most important political leaders in Ohio was William Allen. Born … Read more

William Dennison, Jr.

November 23, 1815 – June 15, 1882 William Dennison, Jr., was the twenty-fourth Governor of Ohio, serving from January 9, 1860, through January 13, … Read more

William H. Dupree

March 13, 1839–June 22, 1934 William H. Dupree was an African-American Ohioan who served in the 55th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment during the American Civil … Read more

William Marshall Anderson

June 24, 1807–January 7, 1881 Born on June 24, 1807 near Louisville, Kentucky, William Marshall Anderson spent his youth in Kentucky. Anderson's father, Colonel … Read more

Wilson Shannon

February 24, 1802 – August 30, 1877 Fourteenth and sixteenth Governor of Ohio, Wilson Shannon also served as the second Governor of the Kansas … Read more