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193rd Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry

In the American Civil War, Ohio provided the federal government with 260 regiments of men, including infantry, artillery, and cavalry units. Ohioans also served … Read more

Ambrose Everett Burnside

May 23, 1824–September 13, 1881 Ambrose Everett Burnside was an American politician, industrialist, inventor, and one of four generals to command the Army of … Read more

Anti-war Protests

During the American Civil War, nearly 330,000 Ohio men served in the Union military. Numerous Ohio civilians also supported the war effort by growing … Read more

Battle of Fort Fizzle

June 17, 1863 In 1863, due to the declining number of volunteers, the United States government instituted the Conscription Act. Under this directive, which … Read more

Benjamin Franklin Wade

October 27, 1800 – March 2, 1878 Benjamin Wade was a U.S. Senator from Ohio, a founder of the Republican Party, and a harsh … Read more

Charles Anderson

June 1, 1814–September 2, 1895 Born on June 1, 1814 near Louisville, Kentucky, Charles Anderson spent his youth in Kentucky. Anderson's father, Colonel Richard … Read more

Clement Vallandigham

Born on July 29, 1820, in New Lisbon, Ohio. Vallandigham spent most of his youth at home, receiving an education from his father who … Read more

Conscription Act

March 3, 1863 On March 3, 1863 the United States President Abraham Lincoln signed the Conscription Act (aka the Enrollment Act), which required states … Read more


A majority of Northerners supported the Union war effort, yet a sizable and vocal minority opposed the conflict. Most of the opponents, the Copperheads, … Read more

Corwin Amendment

1861 The Corwin Amendment was a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution that was approved by Congress in 1861 in an attempt to … Read more

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