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Elizabeth Cady Stanton

November 12, 1815–October 26, 1902 Co-organizer of the 1847 Seneca Falls Convention and co-author of numerous women's rights books and pamphlets, Elizabeth Cady Stanton … Read more

Isabella (Belle) Baumfree

c. 1797–November 26, 1883

Quincy Adams Gillmore

February 28, 1825 – April 8, 1888 Major General Quincy A. Gillmore won military acclaim for his use of rifled artillery during the reduction … Read more

Relief Law

1864 Upon becoming Ohio's twenty-sixth governor on January 11, 1864, John Brough sought to aid the Union war effort. He succeeded in enacting a … Read more

Sojourner Truth

c. 1797–November 26, 1883 Born into bondage in New York, escaped slave Sojourner Truth was a renowned champion for abolition, women's rights, temperance, and prison … Read more

Susan B. Anthony

February 15, 1820–March 13, 1906 Susan B. Anthony is frequently recognized as the most influential leader in the struggle for women's suffrage in America. … Read more