General Orders, No. 40 (U.S. War Department) (July 3, 1861)

Updated: June 08, 2015

On July 3, 1861, the U.S. War Department issued General Orders N0. 40, appointing Major General John C. Fremont to command the newly-created Western Department.

General Orders No. 40

War Dep't, Adjutant General's Office

Washington, July 3, 1861

I.  The State of Illinois and Territories west of the Mississippi river, and on this side of the Rocky Mountains, including New Mexico will, in future, constitute a separate military command to be known as the Western Department, under command of Major General Fremont, of the United States Army, headquarters at St. Louis.

II.  It having been ascertained to the satisfaction of this department that 1st Lieutenant John Thomas Goode, 4th Artillery, entertains and has expressed treasonable designs against the Government of the United States, his name will be stricken from the Rolls of the Army.

By Order:

L. THOMAS, Adjutant General

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