General Orders, No. 37 (Headquarters of the Forces, CSA) (May 6, 1862)

Updated: November 03, 2015

On May 6, 1862, Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard issued General Orders, No. 37, placing General Braxton Bragg in command of the Army of the Mississippi.


Corinth, Miss., May 6, 1862.

I. General Braxton Bragg, C. S. Army, is assigned to the immediate command of that part of the forces known as the Army of the Mississippi.

II. The following officers are announced as chiefs in their respective departments of the general staff of the forces. They will be obeyed and respected accordingly.

            Brig. Gen. Thomas Jordan, chief of staff and of adjutant-generals department.

            Brig. Gen. J. E. Slaughter, inspector-generals department.

            Maj. Eugene E. McLean, Quartermasters Department C. S. Army, in department of supplies and means of transportation.

            Maj. A. J. Smith, chief in the pay department.

            Lieut. Col. R. B. Lee, chief of subsistence department.

            Surg. R. L Brodie medical director.

            Col. John Pegram, C. S. Army, chief of engineers.

            Col. William G. Gill, chief of ordnance and artillery.

By command of General Beauregard:

            THOMAS JORDAN,
Assistant Adjutant- General.

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