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William H. Dupree

March 13, 1839–June 22, 1934 William H. Dupree was an African-American Ohioan who served in the 55th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment during the American Civil … Read more

William Marshall Anderson

June 24, 1807–January 7, 1881 Born on June 24, 1807 near Louisville, Kentucky, William Marshall Anderson spent his youth in Kentucky. Anderson's father, Colonel … Read more

William Thomas Harbaugh Brooks

January 28, 1821–July 19, 1870 Ohioan William Thomas Harbaugh Brooks was a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War. Brooks was … Read more

Zouave Guards (Cincinnati)

The Zouave Guards were a pseudo-military unit from Cincinnati, Ohio that volunteered for duty in the Civil War. They served as the Second Ohio … Read more