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Civil War 1861 Time Period

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William Nelson

September 27, 1824 – September 29, 1862 Murdered by fellow Union General Jefferson C. Davis in 1862, William "Bull" Nelson simultaneously served as a … Read more

William Selby Harney

August 22, 1800 – May 9, 1889 Co-author of the Price-Harney Agreement, Brigadier-General William S. Harney was a forty-five-year veteran of the United States … Read more

William Seward Pierson

William Seward Pierson was born on March 18, 1865 in Durham, Connecticut. He was a graduate of Yale University and eventually moved to Sandusky, … Read more

William Sooy Smith

July 22, 1830 – March 4, 1916 A native of Tarlton, Ohio, Brigadier General William Sooy Smith served in many of the Western Theater's … Read more

William Stedman

November 26, 1815 – July 6, 1869 William Stedman was a commander of the 6th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Regiment who also served in the … Read more

William Thomas Magruder

1820s – July 3, 1863 Captain William Thomas Magruder was one of four graduates of the United States Military Academy to resign his commission … Read more

William Wing Loring

December 4, 1818 – December 30, 1886 William W. Loring was a career soldier who served as an officer with the U.S. Army during … Read more

Winfield Scott

June 13, 1786 – May 29, 1866 Commander of all Federal forces at the beginning of the American Civil War, Lieutenant General Winfield Scott … Read more

York’s Battery of Ohio Volunteer Artillery

1861–1865 In the American Civil War, Ohio provided the federal government with 260 regiments of men, including infantry, artillery, and cavalry units. Ohioans also … Read more