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Civil War 1863 Time Period Events

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Battle of Fort Sanders

November 29, 1863 When Tennessee seceded from the Union on June 8, 1861, the majority of the population in the eastern part of the … Read more

Battle of Gettysburg

Often referred to as the turning point in the American Civil War, the Battle of Gettysburg was fought in and … Read more

Battle of Grand Gulf

April 29, 1863 Fought on April 29, 1863, the Battle of Grand Gulf was a naval engagement on the Mississippi River that began Ulysses … Read more

Battle of Hanover

June 30, 1863 The Battle of Hanover, which took place on June 29, 1863, delayed the arrival of General J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry at the … Read more

Battle of Helena

July 4, 1863 Often obscured by the Confederate surrender of Vicksburg and the Union victory at the Battle of Gettysburg, the Battle of Helena, … Read more

Battle of Hoover’s Gap

June 24-26, 1863 The Battle of Hoover's Gap was the decisive engagement of Union General William Rosecrans's brilliantly executed Tullahoma Campaign that drove the … Read more

Battle of Jackson

May 14, 1863 The Union victory at the Battle of Jackson paved the way for subsequent victories at the Battle of Champion Hill (May … Read more

Battle of Lookout Mountain

November 24, 1863 The Battle of Lookout Mountain, also known as the Battle Above the Clouds, was a military engagement between Union forces commanded … Read more

Battle of Manassas Gap

July 8, 1863 Also known as the Battle of Wapping Heights, the Battle of Manassas Gap, fought on July 23, 1863, in Warren County, … Read more

Battle of Middleburg

June 17–19, 1863 The Battle of Middleburg, which took place from June 17 through June 19, 1863, was the fourth engagement of Robert E. … Read more