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Civil War Antebellum Time Period Entries

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Benjamin Franklin Butler

November 5, 1818 – January 11, 1893 A prominent Union officer, Major General Benjamin F. Butler also served as a United States Congressman and … Read more

Benjamin Franklin Wade

October 27, 1800 – March 2, 1878 Benjamin Wade was a U.S. Senator from Ohio, a founder of the Republican Party, and a harsh … Read more

Benjamin Harrison

August 20, 1833 – March 13, 1901 Grandson of ninth U.S. President William Henry Harrison, Benjamin Harrison was the nation's twenty-third President from March … Read more

Bleeding Kansas

1855-1861 The term “Bleeding Kansas” refers to the violence and bloodshed that occurred in the Kansas Territory during the 1850s. As the United States … Read more

Bushrod Rust Johnson

October 7, 1817 – September 12, 1880 Ohio born Bushrod Rust Johnson was a major general in the Confederate Army during the American Civil … Read more

Charles Anderson

June 1, 1814–September 2, 1895 Born on June 1, 1814 near Louisville, Kentucky, Charles Anderson spent his youth in Kentucky. Anderson's father, Colonel Richard … Read more

Charles Clark

May 24, 1811 – December 18, 1877 Ohio-born Charles Clark was a brigadier general in the Confederate Army and governor of Mississippi during the … Read more

Charles Ewing

March 6, 1835 – June 20, 1883 Charles Ewing was a lawyer, Catholic Church representative, and soldier, who served the Union army as a … Read more

Charles Morris McCook

November 13, 1843 – July 21, 1861 Private Charles M. McCook died from a wound received at the Battle of Bull Run I, making … Read more

Committee of Thirty-three

1861 The Committee of Thirty-three was a select committee of the House of Representatives established on December 4, 1860 to explore possibilities for resolving … Read more