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Civil War Antebellum Time Period Entries

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Compromise of 1850

1850 The Compromise of 1850 was proposed by Kentucky Senator Henry Clay to resolve sectional issues in the United States regarding slavery after the … Read more

Corwin Amendment

1861 The Corwin Amendment was a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution that was approved by Congress in 1861 in an attempt to … Read more

Crittenden Compromise

1861–1862 Proposed by Kentucky Senator John J. Crittenden on December 18, 1860, the Crittenden Compromise, also known as the Crittenden Plan, was an unsuccessful … Read more

Daniel Edgar Sickles

October 20, 1819 – May 3, 1914 Daniel Sickles was a Congressman, United States diplomat, and prominent Union Civil War general, who was infamous … Read more

Daniel Harris Reynolds

December 14, 1832 – March 14, 1902 Ohio-born Daniel Harris Reynolds was a Confederate general, who served in the Far Western and Western Theaters … Read more

Daniel Harvey Hill

July 12, 1821–September 24, 1889 Daniel Harvey Hill (aka D.H. Hill) was a prominent general officer who led Confederate forces in the eastern and … Read more

Daniel McCook, Jr.

July 22, 1834 – July 17, 1864 Daniel McCook was a member of the “Fighting McCooks,” fifteen family members who served the Union during … Read more

Daniel Webster–Senate Speech on the Compromise of 1850 (Transcript)

March 7, 1850 Transcript of a speech Daniel Webster delivered on the floor of the United States Senate on March 7, 1850 in support … Read more

Darius Nash Couch

July 23, 1822 – February 12, 1897 Darius N. Couch was a prominent Union general during the American Civil War, who served as a … Read more

David Hunter

July 21, 1802 – February 2, 1886 David Hunter was a Union general, who, as commander of the Department of the South, issued General … Read more