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Civil War Documents Entries

Special Orders, No. 5 (Department of Tennessee and Georgia, CSA)

September 28, 1864 On September 28, 1864, General John Bell Hood issued Special Orders, No. 5, Department of Tennessee and Georgia, announcing that William … Read more

Special Orders, No. 51 (Department of the Ohio)

October 7, 1862 On October 7, 1862, the Major General Horatio G. Wright, commanding Department of the Ohio, issued Special Orders, No. 51, assigning … Read more

Special Orders, No. 92 (Department of the Missouri)

December 25, 1861 On December 25, 1861, Major General Henry W. Halleck appointed Brigadier General Samuel R. Curtis to command the Southwestern District of … Read more

Special Orders, No. 95 (Virginia Forces)

May 21, 1861 On May 21, 1861, Robert E. Lee, commander of Virginia's forces, issued Special Orders, No. 95, assigning Brigadier General Milledge Luke … Read more

Special Orders, No.–(CSA)

July 21, 1861 On July 21, 1861, Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston issued an unnumbered special order approving Brigadier General P.G.T. Beauregard's plan of … Read more

Stanton’s Dispatch Adding the State of Kentucky to the Department of the Ohio

August 7, 1864 On August 7, 1864, Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton added the State of Kentucky to the Department of the Ohio. … Read more

Tariff of 1828

May 19, 1828 Also known as the Tariff of Abominations, the Tariff of 1828, prompted United States Vice-President John C. Calhoun to anonymously pen … Read more

Tariff of 1832

July 14, 1832 Enacted on July 14, 1832, the Tariff of 1832 was an attempt to address Southern grievances over the high protective duties … Read more

Tariff of 1833

March 2, 1833 Approved by Congress on March 1, 1833 and signed by President Andrew Jackson the next day, the Tariff of 1833 was … Read more

Tariff of Abominations

May 19, 1828