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Civil War Organizations Entries

1st Battalion Governor’s Guards

September 24, 1862–July 3, 1865 The 1st Battalion Governor’s Guards was mustered into service between September 24, and October 27, 1862, at Camp Chase, … Read more

Army of Northern Virginia

June 1, 1862 – April 12, 1865 Organized in 1861, and officially named in 1862, the Army of Northern Virginia was the principal military … Read more

Army of Tennessee

November 20, 1862–April 26, 1865 The Army of Tennessee was the Confederacy's primary fighting force in the Western Theater of the American Civil War … Read more

Army of the Potomac (CSA)

June 20, 1861 – June 1, 1862 Organized on June 20, 1861, the Army of the Potomac later became the Army of Northern Virginia, … Read more

Army of the Shenandoah (CSA)

May 15, 1861 – July 20, 1861 The main Confederate force in northwestern Virginia after the beginning of the American Civil War, the Army … Read more


A majority of Northerners supported the Union war effort, yet a sizable and vocal minority opposed the conflict. Most of the opponents, the Copperheads, … Read more

Department of the Ohio

1861 – 1865 Created on May 3, 1861, the Department of the Ohio was a Union military administrative unit that existed in various forms … Read more

Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Orphans’ Home

1870–1997 In 1869, the Grand Army of the Republic proposed the formation of and began to construct the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Orphans’ Home to … Read more

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