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Civil War People Entries

Abner Doubleday

June 26, 1819 – January 26, 1893 Abner Doubleday was a career military officer and prominent Union general in the Eastern Theater of the … Read more

Abraham Lincoln

Rising from humble beginnings, Abraham Lincoln was elected as the 16th President of the United States in … Read more

Albert Sidney Johnston

February 2, 1803 – April 6, 1862 Albert Sidney Johnston, a Confederate commander of the Western Department, became the highest ranking officer on either … Read more

Alexander McDowell McCook

April 22, 1831 – June 12, 1903 Major General Alexander McDowell McCook, who served as a divisional and a corps commander with the Army … Read more

Alfred Pleasonton

July 7, 1824 – February 17, 1897 A prominent Union cavalry officer, Major General Alfred Pleasonton commanded the Cavalry Corps of the Army of … Read more

Ambrose Everett Burnside

May 23, 1824–September 13, 1881 Ambrose Everett Burnside was an American politician, industrialist, inventor, and one of four generals to command the Army of … Read more

Ambrose Powell Hill

November 9, 1825 – April 2, 1865 Commander of the famed "Light Division," Confederate Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell Hill was killed while trying to … Read more

Andrew Johnson

December 29, 1808 – July 31, 1875 Born into poverty, Andrew Johnson rose to become the seventeenth President of the United States in 1865. … Read more

Anson George McCook

October 10, 1835– December 30, 1917 A member of the famed "Fighting McCooks," Brevet Brigadier General Anson McCook participated in the Battle of Bull … Read more

Arthur Fremantle

November 11, 1835 – September 25, 1901 General Sir Arthur Lyon Fremantle was a British army officer and author of <i>Three Months in the … Read more

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